Lazy Single Girl Pro-Tip #1

Part of what I want to do on this blog is give all my ladies out there some pro tips from a lazy single girl. If there’s a life hack that saves me time, trust me, I know about it. Sundays seem like a good time for it, right?

First up, the dryer:


Jules doing his best Vanna White here, which really isn’t very good, but let’s press on. The dryer is known to most of you as a machine that takes wet clothes and makes them dry. Like magic. BUT, as you are probably aware, you can also use the dryer as an iron/steamer in a pinch. This works best when you’re late for work and the pants or skirt you want to wear are crumpled on the floor in the corner of your room. Pro tip- Throw them in the dryer on high with a wet washcloth or other piece of fabric. The steam generated from the washcloth coupled with the heat, eradicates the wrinkles. Working with stubborn material? After pulling the warm item out out the dryer, spread it tightly over a piece of furniture. The back of an armchair works best. As it’s cooling off, the fabric should finally start to straighten up and fly right. Before you judge me too harshly for my laziness, my own GRANDMOTHER taught me that last one. Stay tuned for next Sunday’s Lazy Single Girl Pro-Tip, where I teach everyone how to make eggs using a microwave and the crappy free coffee mug you got at a fundraiser.

4 thoughts on “Lazy Single Girl Pro-Tip #1

  1. A hair dryer also is useful for getting last minute wrinkles out when a trip to the dryer is out of the question. I have to use quarters and walk down stairs so this lazy girl uses the hair dryer method frequently.


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