Meet the kids


Jules on the left (yours not his – yes he’s a boy) and Gigi on the right.  Both technically rescues, but I usually explain that they are actually owner surrenders.  Cats are tough because people really do often have pretty severe allergies when it comes these furry guys, and sometimes you may have had a cat for 5 years and all of a sudden you have a baby and the baby’s like, no dice.  That’s what happened with both of mine.  I grew up with cats and dogs, and rabbits, and chicks, and goldfish, and grasshoppers (really tough to keep as pets, fyi) and basically anything that would let me name it, so I have been pretty lucky when it comes to allergies.  Boyfriends, not so much.  And that’s exactly how I got Jules.  I was dating a guy and things didn’t end particularly well.  And while we were doing the back and forth, “should we give it another chance” dance, one of my friends told me she was looking for a home for Jules because her daughter was allergic.  Well, my boyfriend was SEVERELY allergic, so I made the decision right then and there that getting a cat was a great idea.  In a way, making the decision to take Jules and care for something other than myself symbolizes the first time in my life I made a hard decision as an adult.  And I’ve never been happier about a single decision in my life.  Gigi came about a year later under similar circumstances (minus the boyfriend) and they fight and barely tolerate each other, but every now and then, when they think I’m not looking, I can tell they are sort of glad to have the other around.

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